At The Church Of New Beginnings we believe that giving to the ministry of the local church is a matter of obedience to God and that it is a decision that is between the individual and God.  We don't try to coerce people to give, we purposely don't include an offertory during our service for that reason.  People are free to drop off an offering in a mailbox that we have near the exit.  Someday we may have an opportunity to give online but we do not at this time.    


While your financial support is much appreciated, there are other ways you can give to the church. We understand that everyone may not be able to give as much as they would like and we understand. If you are still looking for ways to serve we provided a list of some options that you may be interested in. Anything you could do would be ever so greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your continued support. God bless.

  • Audio & Visual Volunteers
  • Ask about and provide needed supplies.
  • Bring Refreshments
  • Bring Gallons of water or bottles of water.
  • Bring K Cup Coffee Pods.

  • Volunteer to teach in Children's Ministries.
  • Be part of the various set up crews.
  • Help out with tear down at the end of service.