Our Story

January 8, 1949


15 people met to organize a Missionary Baptist Church in Clifton, AZ. It was voted to call it, "THe Immanuel Missionary Baptist Church". It is unknown where they met at the time.


April 6, 1949


The church grew to 60 members and voted to change the name to "First Souther Baptist Church", joining the "San Carlos Association".


October 2, 1949


A building fund was started. Land offered to the group by the copper mining company at the time was in the bend of the highway junctions of the Coronado Homes and the tailings was accepted. The area at the time was called, "Plantsite". The Morenci Clinic is now in the place where the Coronado Homes were located. Nothing else was there at the time except Site 1, Site 2, and Site 3 above the area (which is still there).


Labor Day of 1951


The foundation was dug for the auditorium (as it was called) at this time, (The Sanctuary building in existence now 2019).


November 7, 1955


The congregation met for the first time in the new building.


March 2, 1955


Pews and carpeting were voted on, bought and installed.


May 8, 1955


Over time blueprints were drawn for the education building and ground-breaking ceremonies were held at this time. The membership grew to 469 people with 367 residents and 102 non-residents.


1970's Era


The highway was realigned as Old Morenci town was going to be rebuilt in this area. As a result of this change the interior of the sanctuary had to be turned to face the way it is at the present.


The buildings have stayed about the same over the years with new paint, upkeep etc.


The people, town, new streets and homes changed with time and population went up and down with the price of copper (as it always has in a mining town). Pastor's and congregations came and went. The church survived through various mine lay-offs and labor strikes.


June 9, 2013


Dur to loss of membership two meeting were held by 12 members and a representative of the Cochise Southern Baptist Association to decide the fate of the church. It was voted to close the church as the "First Southern Baptist Church" and reopen as a new church in order to receive some help. The members present chose the name, "The Church Of New Beginnings". A new constitution, by-laws, articles of faith etc. had to be decided upson and are in existence now.




The church is still in good standing with the Southern Baptist Convention.